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Dear Students,
Let me make it very clear right at the outset, I have not been great at interviews. I have panicked, I have been Over Confident and have also been nervous and desperate. So I wont tell you what to do in an Interview but I can certainly advice you about what not to do.

1. Be Polite and Do Not Argue

Although you have the knowledge, You have the academics and you know the answer to the question asked to you, in and out, does not mean we should be pushy for acceptance of us being Smart. Interviewer will not tell you at your face that you are smart even though he/she would know u are.
So be polite, Answer the question, if they do not agree with you, just say,
“Sir/Ma’am, I might be wrong, but I still feel this should be the answer,”.
[Not like the way you argue with me, Kaise, Ye kaise Aayega]

2. Describe yourself Smartly

You will be asked to say something about yourself, generally at the start of the interview. Interviewer does not want to know about your hobbies and your vacation planning. Write down a Para with following points.

  1. Your Name, branch and college.
  2. Mention about your liking towards learning new technologies and making software. (I know you don’t have any liking! still do it)  
  3. Mention about the languages your have learned. (c,Java etc ) - (don’t say things you don’t know of!!, c and java is enough)
  4. Mention about the projects, in short, that you have made. (If u have)
  5. Finally, in a very humble manner, say that you cleared OCPJP exam. (do not say Percentage, unless they ask you)
  6. Say about your Co-Curricular Activities like Paper published, Conference attended (If Any)

[My name is Smita Patil, pursuing BE in EXTC from KJ Somaiya College presently in Sem 7. I have liking towards learning new technologies. I have studied C, Core Java and HTML… Have made few Applications using Java/J2EE/Android. I cleared OCPJP 6 exam recently. I have also attended a conference on Emerging trends in Java Programming and also attend webinars online pertaining to Java Programming to gain latest insights as much as I can].  
Note: Webinars are online free/paid seminars from experts. There are many on You Tube. Please attend one before your Interview.

3. Be ready for Questions

If you say about Projects and OCPJP , brace yourself for few hot questions. This should not make you nervous. Instead, this is a good sign. The Interviewer wants to know more about your skills, which is a good thing.

Be prepared about what your are going to say about your projects. Speak technical. Don’t start explaining to them what Login or CMS is. Just by saying your project has CMS will do. Talk about design pattern (MVC) which you used to create projects. Talk about Modules (Multiple Controllers) which will ensure flexibility. Talk about Normalization in DB that you did in your project.

While you do this, you might be interrupted for cross questioning. don’t panic, this is a normal trick. An experienced Interviewer will figure out in 2 mins that you are well prepared and have rehearsed about these things. So you will be interrupted intentionally to throw you off from your preparation. Some interviewers will also start giving you indications that they are just not listening to you and are not interested in what you are saying. This is a Trap. They are listening to you very carefully, waiting to pounce on anything that you say untoward thinking no ones listening.

4. You are not a Superman/Superwoman

If you are asked about a technology which you do not know much about, just say sorry sir/Ma’am, I haven’t studied this. [STOP]
[don’t engage in discussion- What is it ma’am? is it important? I will study it now? thank you for letting me know…. and blah bhah…… ] – They are not bread, so no Buttering. They HATE it.

Some questions are intentionally asked to you to see how honest you are. this is very important characteristic to be a good team member. They know that you must not have even heard about this, let alone know about it, but they still ask you. [Something like, have you used AngularJS in your project? (Google uses this thing for their Search Engine)] – So say No Sir. Simple.  I did Searching module using JSP/JSTL.  


5. Frame your Statements Properly

Interviewer (In) – Smart Lady/Girl
You(U) – Innocent Prey

In: You are from EXTC, why do you want to work in IT Firm?
U: I have found Programming Interesting. I have been in touch with it throughout. So I don’t mind working for an IT firm.

In: (She Persists) Yap but still, your degree will not be of any help to you here. All your knowledge of 4 years of Engineering will go in vain.
[ Never agree to this question. Yes mam I also want to work in Electronics Company par Job hi nahi Hai….. ]
 U: (light smile – as if you know it’s a trap) I don’t mind ma’am. As long as I get to learn things I will be happy and moreover I do like Programming.

[I LIKE PROGRAMMING is your statement. isko pakad kar rakhna]

6. See Yourself Nonsense

Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
(Fresher are generally not asked this Question)

Any sensible person will not ask you this question. But if you are asked about this, then remember that there is only one answer for it.

I see myself making good creative applications and working on more Challenging Projects.

7. Don’t go in depression

If you have the skill set, you will get the job sooner or later. On campus or Off Campus. I Mean it. So a rejection in one or two or three interviews is not the end of anything. We all face rejections. Mostly at the start of our Careers. You are not the First nor will you be the last. So relax. Develop Skill Set and prepare for Interview like it’s a formal Question Session.
[Watching an Inspirational movie before the interview is not a bad Idea. – I am just joking]

- Imtiyaz Hirani

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